Simple HVAC Maintenance That Every Handy Woman Should Know

Young Beautiful Woman Opening Air Conditioner At Home

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Considering the fact that a central air conditioning system is a significant investment for homeowners, it’s very important that you do everything to protect it from getting damaged. Aside from that, there’s no denying that it can really be frustrating if the air conditioning unit won’t work the way it should be during a hot summer day.

After winter, as the snow begins to melt, while the temperature rises up, the air conditioner that has been unused for several months should be able to function properly and pump cool air when you need it most. However, just like starting an old car that has not been used for decades, flipping the switch of an aging and deteriorating A/C can be compared to a close-your-eyes-and-pray situation.

Don’t fret, even if you’re a woman, rest assured that it’s still possible for you to prevent and fix problems like this and here’s how.

Avoid Future Headaches by Checking Under the Hood
One of the most practical ways to prepare your A/C for summer is to carry out some basic preventive maintenance that would give you the assurance that your AC is running before the summer season enters.

Important Reminder: When performing any kinds of maintenance on a home cooling system, it’s important to turn off the thermostat first, then flip off the breaker of the A/C unit to the “off” position.

Cleaning and Replacement of Filters
This one is also basic, yet essential. As a rule of thumb, you should be replacing and cleaning the filter every month or so because a clogged air filter restricts airflow and this makes it more difficult for your AC to function, resulting to the use of more energy and higher energy bills. Thus, it’s highly recommended to clean your AC as often as you can.

Also, you ought to know that there are various grades of air filters to choose from. For example, there’s a type of filter that reduces allergens, however, this is also prone to accumulating dust faster. Something like this requires more attention than others.

Fortunately, cleaning your filters isn’t that difficult at all, and wouldn’t take much of your time. Best of all, it’s one of those precautionary measures to prevent future problems.

Check Duct Work
Filters should be replaced and cleaned every month or so. Those who are using a forced air heating system, there’s a great possibility that you’re sharing duct work with a central air. What does this imply? As long as you haven’t experienced any problems with the airflow from the furnace, then rest assured that your duct work is fine.

Though, there’s also nothing wrong with ensuring that there aren’t any holes nor chinks in the duct work and that every seal is completely intact. Like what has been mentioned earlier, preventive maintenance is very crucial. It doesn’t take much of your time and this would definitely help you from avoiding future problems.

Give It a Try!
Lastly, after double checking everything, see to it that you test the air conditioner, and it should run smoothly. Likewise, don’t forget to set the thermostat to “cool.”

If your A/C fail to start, then it might be because of a dead thermostat battery. What you can do is replace the battery and give it a try again. If nothing else works, your last resort would be to call an HVAC professional.